Call To Hearing Response

Please complete this Call To Hearing Response form if you have been called to a hearing at an upcoming Board Meeting. If you require immediate assistance, please feel free to contact one of our customer service specialists at 661.295.4900.

In the event you cannot attend this hearing, you may submit along with this form your written information, opinions and conclusions to the Board of Directors, to explain the reasons for the alleged actions or failure to act and/or indicating the date compliance will be met.

This material must be received at least two business days prior to the hearing meeting.
Please provide the following information so we may contact you regarding any change in the time and location of the hearing.

    This Notice must be received one business day prior to the date of the scheduled Board of Directors meeting.

    This form will be reviewed by the Board of Directors and does not ensure that fines or further enforcement actions will not be taken.
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