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Full-Time In-House Accounting Team

Something as important as the Association’s financial accounting should never be outsourced. PMP has a talented team of in-house accounting professionals overseeing our client’s fiscal needs. From accounts receivable and accounts payable duties, to monthly financial reconciliations, rest assured you have a strong financial partner in PMP. In addition, each of our Association partners are assigned their own Property Accountant who is intimately familiar with your community and able to address any questions or requests, which may arise.

Accounting &
Information Systems

With a full-time, in-house accounting team and a fully computerized, state-of-the-art software system which produces clear, accurate and easy to understand financial statements, you can rest assured that your community’s accounting is accurate and precise.

Don’t have an accounting for finance background? Don’t worry, each month your Association’s PMP Property Accountant will prepare a financial summary providing a detailed, easy to understand overview of the Association’s financial position, pointing out any aspects requiring attention. 

Enhanced Backup, Security and Protection of Community Documents

Often overlooked, an Association’s management company is responsible for storing and protecting extremely confidential data, from homeowner contact information and bank account numbers, to legal documents and correspondences. At PMP, we have partnered with “Shred-It” and “Datto” to properly discard confidential paperwork, and regularly backup our systems to ensure our clients’ documents and information are protected.

In-House Delinquency Processing Team

With a comprehensive, proprietary assessment delinquency tracking system and our industry-leading team of delinquency processing experts, PMP is at the forefront of assessment delinquency collection services. Our user-friendly delinquency tracking management tools and our knowledgeable team of delinquency experts ensures delinquent owner accounts are diligently tracked and aggressively pursued to mitigate revenue losses to our Association clients.

Assessment Billing
& Innovative Banking

Assessment billing and Association banking is a critical service impacting an Association’s day-to-day operations. It is vital to have a banking partner who understands the needs of Homeowner Association banking. After vetting numerous banking options, PMP partnered with Pacific Premier Bank, one of the most trusted names in community Association banking. Pacific Premier Bank understands the challenges facing Association clients and offers tailored services to meet our clients’ needs.

From a comprehensive, secure lockbox program where assessment payments are deposited directly to the Association’s bank account, processed the same day and downloaded to our management software in real time, to our secure, online invoice approval and check signing portal, streamlining the accounts payable process, we are able to offer our clients valuable tools to meet their banking needs — and at no additional charge.

After-Hours Customer Care

Our firm’s complimentary, live emergency after-hours service ensures that someone is always available to tend to your community’s urgent needs. In addition, in cases of emergency, Board Members always have direct access to their Community Manager and our Senior Leadership Team, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. Afterall, when an emergency strikes, you need to know you can reach your community management team directly.

Community Oversight​

Regular community inspections and on-site vendor evaluations are critical to protect the value and integrity of your Association, and ensure that Association vendors are meeting their contractual obligations. At PMP, every inspection performed is documented using our exclusive “Action Item Tracker,” which is shared with the Board of Directors regularly.  Non-compliance matters are not only documented in writing, they are also digitally photographed, uploaded to the respective residents’ account, and accompany violation warning letters.

Vendor Procurement
and Oversight

With over 75 years of combined leadership experience in the real estate industry, PMP has developed strong relationships with the best vendors and contractors in the business. Assembling a strong network of talented and pre-vetted vendors for our clients to select from mitigates many potential issues, and is a critical component of a well-managed community. Unlike many other management companies, we never charge a fee for vendors to be included on PMP’s preferred vendor list. PMP preferred vendors earn the right to be on our coveted reference list by delivering extraordinary products and service to our valuable Association clients.

Escrow Processing

Moving is a stressful time for both the seller, who we are bidding farewell to, and the buyer, who we are welcoming to the community. With a dedicated in-house Escrow Team to serve our clients, we are proud to lead the industry in escrow processing, both in terms of accuracy and response time. In addition, our thorough and detailed escrow process preserves the Association’s interest by ensuring that any and all assessments due are collected through the escrow process, and both the buyer and seller are made aware of any non-compliance issues.

Management Company Transitions

Transitioning to a new management company is often a source of anxiety voiced by Board Members. At PMP, we have alleviated transition-related concerns by developing seamless transition processes and protocols executed by our in-house team of transition experts. Our firm’s exclusive “Transition Timeline & Checklist” ensures that every step of the process is smooth and worry-free for Board Members and homeowners alike.

We only have one chance to make a great first impression! We have created unique transition tools, including our homeowner welcome package, transition postcards, and community welcome events, illustrating our dedication to extraordinary customer care and a seamless transition process.

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