With over twenty-five years of combined experience in the real estate industry, PMP has developed strong relationships with the best vendors and contractors in the business. Assembling a strong network of talented and vetted vendors for our Associations to select from mitigates many potential issues and is a critical component of a well-managed community. Unlike many other management companies, any PMP preferred vendor has earned the right to be on our coveted list, as we will never accept any monetary compensation to participate in our preferred vendor program.


Regular community inspections and monthly on-site vendor evaluations are key to ensuring proper community oversight and that the Association’s vendor partners are meeting their contractual obligations. At PMP every inspection performed is documented through the use of our exclusive “Action Item Tracker,” which is shared with the Board of Directors weekly. Non-compliance issues are not only documented in writing, but also by digital photography, which is uploaded to the respective resident’s account and accompanies the violation warning letter.


Transitioning management companies is often one of the biggest concerns voiced by Board Members. At PMP we have alleviated any concerns or anxiety by developing a professional in-house Transition Team dedicated to overseeing a seamless transition process for both Board Members and residents. Our firm’s exclusive “Transition Timeline & Checklist” ensures that every step of the transition process is a smooth, worry-free process for Board Members and homeowners alike.

With only one chance to make a great first impression, our firm has created unique transition tools, including Homeowner Welcome Packages and Community Welcome Events, highlighting our dedication to extraordinary customer care and our commitment to ensuring a seamless transition.


Moving is a stressful time for both the seller, who we are bidding farewell, and the buyer, who we are welcoming as the newest member of the community. With a dedicated in-house Escrow Specialist to service our clients, we are proud to lead the industry in escrow processing, including accuracy and turnaround time. In addition, our thorough and detailed escrow process preserves the association’s interest by ensuring that any and all assessments due are retained through the escrow process and both buyer and seller are made aware of any non-compliance issues.


Our firm’s complimentary live emergency after-hours service ensures that someone is always available to tend to your community’s urgent needs. In addition, in case of emergency, Board Members always have direct access to their Community Manager and our Senior Management Team via their private mobile phones, because during an emergency we feel it is important to be able to reach your community partner directly.


Laws dictating an Association’s annual requirements are constantly changing, which is why it is important to partner with a professional management company committed to continuing education. From annual budgets and tax filings to required reserve study updates and annual meetings, our team is here to guide our Association partners, by coordinating annual meetings, distributing annual financial packages and filing the necessary documents.


Board Member training is critical to empower an association’s Board to make educated decisions. At PMP we offer complimentary Board Member training, including our exclusive DR HOA Board Member training seminars throughout the year in each of our submarkets, covering a wide variety of topics. In addition to our DR HOA training seminars, PMP offers an entire suite of complimentary Board Member training courses to ensure our Board Member clients have the tools and support they need to be successful.

While Board Member education is important, at PMP we understand that homeowner education is also important. We are one of the only management firms with a comprehensive homeowner education program through our exclusive DR HOA educational platform, whereby residents may visit PMP’s online forum derived from our firm’s bi-weekly column that is published in the Business Section of the Santa Clarita Signal newspaper, and has become a popular resource for homeowners throughout Southern California. To access past and present DR HOA columns please visit the DR HOA link on our website.


PMP is the preferred management partner for many large national and smaller local builders and developers, driven not only by PMP’s commitment to extraordinary customer care, but also by PMP’s impressive background and understanding of the land entitlement and Bureau of Real Estate processes. In fact, all of PMP’s founders, and several of our senior leaders came from leadership positions at well-respected homebuilders. Whether working with homebuilders and developers during the community’s land entitlement stage or consulting during the Bureau of Real Estate submittal process, our team has a unique professional background to aid our builder and developer partners.

Our team’s thorough understanding of the land entitlement and Bureau of Real Estate process is an asset to our established Association clients as well. By understanding these complicated processes, we are uniquely qualified to assist in better understanding how their Association was established, including the creation of budgets, easements and deed conveyances. This professional background is also valuable when assisting our Association partners when revising rules & regulations, policies or updating the Association’s Governing Documents.