Property Management Professionals (“PMP”) began as a vision for a fresh approach to association property management, focused on extraordinary customer care and a proactive, value-added approach that has come to define our organization.

Born from the same founding principles and an unwavering commitment to extraordinary service, PMP URBAN was created to focus on the unique needs of our mid-rise, high-rise and mixed-use community clients.

PMP URBAN has further evolved our level of service to meet the needs of our urban clients. Just as all community associations are not the same, all Association management firms are not the same. The management of suburban, single-family home associations varies significantly from the management of mid-rise and high-rise associations. PMP understands this and is proud to be one of the only management firms in California to create an entirely separate division focused on servicing our urban clientele.

On-Site management, team support and oversight …

Too often, On-Site General Managers at mid-rise/high-rise and large-scale master planned community associations are not provided the guidance and tools to help them succeed. Senior Leadership is rarely engaged and On-Site General Managers are left feeling that they are isolated and unsupported. At PMP, our Senior Leadership team is actively involved, visiting our on-site managed communities regularly and meeting with the On-Site Team to ensure they have the tools and support necessary to be successful, and even attend Board Meetings to check-in to ensure we are delivering on our promise and exceeding expectations.

Hands-on, proactive, value-added service…

Innovative, proactive annual maintenance systems and procedures ensure that your community is properly inspected and maintained throughout the year to avoid costly emergency repairs and ensure reserve component replacement lifetimes are maximized. The result: a beautiful, well-maintained community with fewer unforeseen issues and less risk of special assessments, ultimately protecting the value and integrity of the community.

Improving lives, enriching communities
and protecting values …

PMP’s hands-on, proactive approach to community management is unique to the community management industry and something we feel is critical to effectively manage highly sophisticated mid-rise, high-rise and mixed-use associations. But success in the urban market requires more than simply a team that is proficient in managing mid-rise and high-rise building infrastructure. Our discerning urban clientele have grown to appreciate PMP’s “white glove” approach to community care that is unmatched in the industry. From regular community-wide inspections to monthly on-site performance evaluations with association vendors, our management team works diligently to ensure issues are identified and remedied before they are reported by residents. The community management industry at its core is a service industry. PMP understands this and we intend to continue to set the benchmark for exceptional service.