Extraordinary Customer

PMP’s commitment to extraordinary service is evident from the moment you call into our office and speak with a live, friendly and knowledgeable member of our Community Care Team. PMP is one of the only management companies in the industry with a live, in-house Community Care Team, standing by ready to service our residential clients, because extraordinary service means not being greeted by a recording or forced to leave a message to address a simple request. In fact, over 90% of calls into our Community Care Team during regular business hours are addressed by the first team member to answer the phone! Our Community Care Team is live and here when you need us!


Critical to an Association’s success, Board Member education is an important service that ensures our Board Member clients have the tools and support necessary to make sound business decisions. PMP’s exclusive DR HOA Board Member Training program is comprehensive, convenient and complimentary. Offering multiple in-person forums each year with industry experts and distinguished guests, an online educational forum, and one-on-one training modules, PMP’s commitment to Board Member training and continuing education is unmatched in the industry.

Nationally Certified &
PMP Trained Managers

Every Community Manager at PMP is nationally certified through the Community Association Institute (“CAI”). Additionally, at PMP we have our exclusive in-house employee training through PMP UNIVERSITY, a comprehensive educational curriculum of training modules ranging from “Understanding Association Financial Statements”, to “Conflict Resolution” and “Board Meeting Best Practice”. PMP UNIVERSITY also includes a wide variety of business education modules, including Business Writing 101 and Public Speaking 101. While national certifications are important, more regular and comprehensive training is required to build and support a team of truly exceptional professionals.


Another example of PMP’s commitment to innovation, we are one of the only management firms in Southern California with a complimentary smartphone application for iPhone and Android devices, allowing residents to open service requests and communicate with our Community Care Team directly from their smartphone! Now that’s innovation! And we’re not done yet…

Full-time, In-House
Accounting Team

Something as important as the Association’s accounting should never be outsourced! PMP has a talented team of in-house accounting professionals overseeing our client’s fiscal needs. From accounts receivable and accounts payable duties to monthly financial reconciliations, rest assured you have a strong financial partner in PMP. In addition, each of our Association partners are assigned their own Property Accountant who is intimately familiar with your community and able to address any questions or requests that may arise.

In-House Delinquency
Processing Team

With a comprehensive delinquency tracking system, one of our firm’s competitive advantages is our proprietary, industry leading and user-friendly assessment delinquency management tool, and our knowledgeable team of delinquency processing experts. Delinquent owner accounts are diligently tracked and aggressively pursued to mitigate losses to our Association clients.

PMP has become a great community partner. We struggled through two other management companies before hiring PMP and the difference in service is staggering! I wish we would have made a change sooner, but we didn’t know what we were missing. Our residents are happier and our Board feels much more supported. I would enthusiastically recommend PMP!

Karen Rose
The Metro Condominium Association

Unmatched Professional

PMP considers our vendor partners to be clients too, so they are not exempt from receiving PMP’s unique brand of extraordinary service. We understand that our on-going success is supported by strong vendor relationships, providing added value and a valuable resource for our clients.


Is a trip to your management company’s office as dreaded as a trip to the DMV? At PMP we pride ourselves on our resident-friendly, open-door office policy. We encourage residents to stop in, pay their bill, grab a cup of coffee and meet our stellar management team. No appointment necessary…

High Employee Retention

At PMP, our vibe attracts our tribe! We invest in our people, and they in turn invest in us and our community partners. Beyond all of our operational competitive advantages that make PMP so unique, our most valuable asset is our people. We work hard to ensure a supportive, rewarding and positive work environment and it shows! Go ahead – stop by our office, visit with our team, and you will feel the energy of the happiest, most valued and most respected team in the industry. Of all of our accomplishments, the team we have assembled and our culture is what we’re most proud of!


At PMP, our client satisfaction, and in turn our client retention, is so high that we are comfortable offering month-to-month management contracts, standard! We are confident enough in our ability to exceed our clients’ expectations that we are one of the few management firms to not require a 12-month management agreement commitment, providing our clients with complete control and flexibility, no strings attached.

Weekly Community

Weekly community tours are standard as part of PMP’s full-service management agreement. Simply put, anything less will not provide the oversight necessary to proactively manage the maintenance of the community and pursue violation enforcement.

Senior Leadership Oversight & Participation

All too often Association clients won’t hear from the management company’s Senior Leadership Team unless there is something wrong. At PMP our Senior Leadership Team proactively provides leadership and guidance to our team of Community Managers, which includes attendance at Board Meetings, and making themselves readily available to Board Member and resident clients. In addition, we conduct annual surveys of not only our Board Members clients, but also our resident clients to ensure we are delivering on our promises.

Truly All-inclusive, Full-service Agreements

Tired of being nickeled and dimed for every piece of paper, envelope, photocopy and office supplies? PMP bucks the industry standard of billing for every operational incidental by offering our truly all-inclusive, full-service contract. PMP’s competitive base monthly fee is truly all-inclusive. Monthly Board Packages – no charge. Monthly assessment statements – no charge. Meetings that last longer than two hours – no charge. Refreshing, huh?

Enhanced Backup, Security and Protection of
Community Documents

Often overlooked, an Association’s Management Company is responsible for storing and protecting extremely confidential information, from homeowner contact information and bank account numbers to legal documents and correspondence. At PMP we have partnered with “Shred-It” and “Carbonite” to properly discard confidential documents and regularly backup our systems to ensure community documents and information is protected.