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Different community types require a uniquely different approach to community management. While other management companies attempt to commingle management of different community types — single family master planned neighbors, mid-rise and high-rise condominiums, and mixed-use buildings — at PMP, we understand that not all communities have the same management needs. Mid-rise and high-rise Associations do not have the same maintenance obligations and service needs as single-family master planned neighborhoods, so why would they have the same operating procedures? At PMP, we understand this and we are proud to be one of the only management firms to create an entirely separate division focused on serving our mid-rise and high-rise condominium clients unique needs.

On-Site Management Team Support & Oversight

A common concerned voiced by on-site management staff at other management companies is that they do not receive the guidance, training and support necessary to ensure their success. At PMP, we’ve addressed this issue plaguing other management companies with our industry-leading internal training platform, PMP University, our engaged, hands-on Leadership Team that provides unparalleled support, and our unique company culture that ensures our on-site employees feel like they are part of the PMP family and benefit from our firm’s unique culture.

Hands-On, Proactive, Value-Added Service

Protecting the value and integrity of our Association partners is one of our primary objectives. Innovative, proactive maintenance calendars and protocols ensures that your community’s common area assets are properly inspected and maintained throughout the year, mitigating against system failures and costly emergency repairs, while at the same time extending the useful life of common area components. The end result is a beautiful, well-maintained community with fewer unforeseen issues and a mitigated risk of special assessments.

Improving Lives,
Enriching Communities,
and Protecting Values

PMP’s hands-on, proactive approach to community management and our unwavering commitment to extraordinary customer service is unique in the community management industry. We understand what most management companies – we’re a service industry at our core. At PMP, we value the opportunity we have to positively impact the communities we serve, and we understand our awesome responsibility to protect the value and integrity of the Association and its common areas. Improving lives and enriching communities is our core work. Standing out as an industry leader in the multifamily Association management market requires more than proficiently managing building components and infrastructure. Discerning mid-rise and high-rise clientele expect more. PMP’s unique approach to customer service, which focuses on hospitality, lifestyle, and elevating the homeowner experience has made PMP the industry leader in the management of mid-rise and high-rise Associations.

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