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A Question of HOA Legitimacy

Dr. HOA, I am trying to find out what the law requires for an HOA to be legitimate. I live in a very small community where the HOA does practically nothing, but demands $85 per month. We are having a lot of vandalism issues, and they do nothing to help fix the problem. I don’t even think this HOA is

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A few tips for how to look at a prospective HOA

DR. HOA, I am in the market to purchase my first condominium, and I am nervous after hearing horror stories of associations not maintaining buildings and outrageous special assessments. What should I be looking for to ensure that I make a good investment? —Amy H. Hello Amy, I applaud your due diligence prior to purchasing in a condominium association. All

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Rapid rise in homeowner fees hits communal nerve

Dr. HOA, I have lived in my HOA for nearly 10 years, and the monthly dues have never gone up. Recently, a new board of directors was elected and we received notice that dues were going up almost 18 percent. To make matters worse, the landscaping looks terrible, and the clubhouse is run down. The nerve of this new board

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