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Dealing with maintenance issues in HOAs

Dr. HOA, I live in a townhome community, and for the past eight years, my HOA has failed to maintain the exterior of the units. As a result, many owners units have become damaged by dry rot. Recently, due to financial issues, the HOA changed the rules making all dry rot repair to the exterior of the buildings a homeowner’s

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Could my HOA face a coup d’e` tat?

We have some disgruntled homeowners in our HOA that are talking of starting their own association. Is that possible? The members have run for the board and were defeated. They come to the monthly meetings and air their complaints. The majority of the time, their complaints are more personal than community-oriented. We, like all communities, have issues and try to

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Increase the Value of Your Neighborhood

Q: Brent B.– With home values near record lows what can we do as an Association, if anything, to help the appreciation of homes in our community? Dr. HOA: Home values are on everyone’s minds these days, especially with millions of owners upside down on their properties. While most Americans are confident that home prices will rebound, the uncertainty can

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