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Associations Have Right to File Lien

I was contacted by my mortgage company that my homeowners association filed a lien on my house for outstanding assessments. I never even received a notice from the HOA! Admittedly, I fell behind on my HOA assessments after I was laid off from my job, but is it legal for the HOA to lien my house? Wouldn’t there be a

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A few tips for how to look at a prospective HOA

DR. HOA, I am in the market to purchase my first condominium, and I am nervous after hearing horror stories of associations not maintaining buildings and outrageous special assessments. What should I be looking for to ensure that I make a good investment? —Amy H. Hello Amy, I applaud your due diligence prior to purchasing in a condominium association. All

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Can HOAs just lock out homeowners from the pool?

Dr. HOA, Last weekend, I tried to take my kids to our community pool, but our card readers did not work. I called our management company, and it told me that our card readers were turned off due to delinquent dues and fines for breaking the rules. I am a few months behind on my dues, but I am working

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HOAs, members have options for settling debts

Dr. HOA, I have been responsible for paying the HOA dues on my mother’s condo and, admittedly, I fell behind. She called last night and said she received two certified letters in the mail threatening foreclosure. The management company is saying if I don’t bring $3,200 dollars to them by the end of the year, they will foreclose on the

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Associations May Place Liens, Foreclose on Homes

Q: Chris J.- I just received a pre-lien notice from my Association, which states that if I don’t bring my account current I will not only have a lien placed on my home, but the Association may foreclose on my home. Is that even legal or is it simply a threat to get me to pay? Dr. HOA:  This is

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