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HOAs must maintain common areas

J. Russo: I received a violation letter from my HOA for installing holiday decorations at my townhome. Now they are telling me if I don’t take down the decorations they are going to fine me and have them removed. Can an HOA keep homeowners from installing holiday decorations and do they have the right to remove them from my property?

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Rules should be uniformly enforced

I received a violation letter and a $50 fine from my association for parking my jet ski trailer in my driveway. The violation letter states that the trailer is not an “approved vehicle” and could not be “stored” in my driveway. This violation and fine is the first I am hearing of this rule. I also have reviewed our association

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Can homeowners associations stop noisy retailers?

I live in a community adjacent to a small commercial center with several retailers, including a dry cleaner and several restaurants. The dry cleaner is a fairly new tenant and the noise of the machines creates a nuisance during daytime hours. One of the restaurants has a bar that is open really late on the weekends, creating a nuisance at

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Better to submit to review process

I recently moved into a new community and I am in the process of working with landscape architects to redo my front yard.  Our association has a review and approval process before we can make any changes to our property, but the application is long, complicated and requires that I get my neighbor to approve the design first.  My neighbor

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My HOA needs some help with its pool security

DR. HOA, On Memorial Day weekend, there was an incident at our community’s pool: Two adult men who were blatantly intoxicated got into a fist fight, and the police had to be called to break it up. Our association’s answer was to hire full-time security to harass residents who use the pool by checking identification to make sure we live

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Negotiating association rental restrictions

Dr. HOA, I have lived in my townhome for nearly six years, and the association board is trying to implement new CC&Rs that will not allow us to rent our units. My fiancé and I are looking to move into a house to start a family, but with the state of the current real estate market, it does not make

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Can HOAs just lock out homeowners from the pool?

Dr. HOA, Last weekend, I tried to take my kids to our community pool, but our card readers did not work. I called our management company, and it told me that our card readers were turned off due to delinquent dues and fines for breaking the rules. I am a few months behind on my dues, but I am working

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Most HOAs have right to own parking policies

Dr. HOA, We recently rented a condominium and had both of our vehicles towed our first weekend living in the community. While moving in, our garage was full of boxes, so we parked one of our cars in front of our garage for the night and the other in a visitor parking spot near our unit. When we woke up

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Can an HOA stop me from making ‘improvements’?

Dr. HOA, I live in a homeowners association that was created in the late 1980s. For years, the association landscape areas were meticulously maintained. But for the past five years, the slope behind my home has not been maintained properly. Fed up with dying trees, dead bushes and overgrown groundcover, I hired a landscaper to remove the dead trees, trim

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Can association say “bah humbug” to my decor?

Dr. HOA, I installed Christmas lights and decorations, and I received a threatening violation letter stating that if I did not remove the lights and decorations from my balcony and front-yard area that I would be fined and the association would remove everything at my expense. Are they allowed to forbid me from putting up Christmas decorations and would they

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